Holy Cross Family Ministries seeks to partner with parents in discipling their children to enjoy and express the love of God.


Children’s Family Service

This fun and engaging Sunday morning gathering is the perfect place for families to attend church together. Each week we spend time worshiping, creatively exploring the Bible, & engaging as families in meaningful activities that connect faith to everyday life.

Pre-K Ministries

Pre-K Ministries (nursery) meets on Daniel Island and Sullivan’s Island (during Sunday services 9:00 AM-noon). Littles ages 4 months - 4 years gather to worship, hear a Bible story, and engage in fun activities designed to be continued at home with the whole family.

Flourishing Families

Flourishing Families

Equipping families to create environments throughout a child's life that nourish their love for Jesus.

Faith that flourishes--the kind that grows deep roots and lasts for a lifetime--that's what parents want for their children. But how do we nurture this kind of vibrant relationship between our children and Jesus? Well, join us for this fun-filled whole-family workshop and find out!

  • Spiritual Parenting
  • Baptism
  • Flourishing Faith Workshops
  • Confirmation
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Extra Fun

Seasonal Events

Holy Cross hosts multiple festive family-centered events throughout the year. Watch for upcoming events on the events page.

Events Calendar

Coming January 2023!

Holy Cross Music Academy

We are Holy Cross Music Academy - a team of musical performers and educators with a common purpose to spread our shared love of music and art. You see, we believe that music is, in and of itself, a gift from God, and that God calls us to use this gift to bring beauty and joy into the world. So we want to help anyone, young or old, learn rock music, classical music, country music, worship music, or whatever else you love, and will do everything in our power to help you succeed. This will include offering regular opportunities to perform within the community at large, and participate in songwriter nights, open mics and concerts for all genres. 

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Children’s Choir

If your kids enjoy music, this is an excellent avenue to grow musically, relationally, and in leadership. Children’s choir members even have regular opportunities to lead worship in our Sunday Services!

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We're busy preparing for 2023!

Kids Club

This summertime day-camp for kids 1 year - 1st grade emphasizes Biblical themes, while packing the maximum amount of fun into every day.

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Bethany Fotia

Director of Family Ministries

Bethany has worked with children and families in many capacities--as a Montessori educator, arts teacher, tutor, and children's pastor. Bethany and her wonderful husband Doug live downtown Charleston. In her free time, she can be found writing music, or working on one of her many unfinished art projects. She loves watching as children and families come to experience the love, freedom, excitement and FUN of following Jesus.


Melynda Toth

Daniel Island Family Ministries Team Leader

Melynda has lived on Daniel Island for five years with her two sons, Kienan and CJ and their dogs Macio and Teddy. Her sons have roots at Holy Cross dating back to 2016 when they started at Kids Club at the ages of 2 and 3 and then enrolled at Holy Cross Island School. Both boys are currently enrolled at Daniel Island School but enjoy helping their mom with events and during Sunday service. Melynda works full-time in human resources and is passionate about helping others. It's no surprise she felt called to lead in the Holy Cross Ministry as a member of our Vestry and now in our Children's Ministry. Melynda and her sons are very active in their community. When they aren't planning an event or volunteering at one you can find them riding bikes, visiting parks, or just lounging at the pool. In her free time, Melynda enjoys connecting with her life group, reading, watching movies, trying new foods, and walking the trails. She is thankful for the opportunity to serve and to teach children about the love of God.


Assistant Director of Family Ministries

Sammy T. Seal originally hails from a small beach in Southern California, though life in ministry has taken him to such exotic locales as India, Honduras, and Kenya. He has worked as Mrs. Bethany's assistant for nearly 15 years, enjoys fish sticks, long naps in the sun, and of course swimming. About his position on staff at Holy Cross, Sammy has this to say: "I rilly lik it heer. The kids are GRATE, the familees ar very supoortive of animuls in ministree, and I'm onlee a few short belly flops from the beech." He hopes to let children know that Jesus loves them no matter what, and that they are important members of God's kingdom! 

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