Daniel Island Instructor Interest Application

Dear Applicant,

Holy Cross is hiring music instructors for their Holy Cross Music Academy. Musicians of all instruments who would be interested in teaching private lessons and group classes in a Christian environment during after-school hours are encouraged to apply. Experience in teaching is a plus, but not necessarily required. Both classically trained and pop/rock-specialized instructors are needed. Instructors must be Christians involved in a local church. We will do our best to build up worship teams within Church of the Holy Cross and for other local churches, but instructors will be teaching across a variety of styles, both sacred and secular, based on the desired goals of the student. This could be a great opportunity for part-time worship leaders or other church musicians who would like to make music a bigger part of their professional lives.
Please complete each section EVEN IF you decide to attach a resume.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Holy Cross Music Academy.
As a Christian music academy, We require our instructors to be Christians who are involved in a Bible-believing church. Please affirm the Apostles Creed below.